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New Challenge, Old Habits

New Challenge, Old Habits

“Old habits never die.”  – Unknown.

I suppose when I started the path toward triathlons in 1997,  that’s when it all began.  Or it probably when I first started competitive swimming in 1982.   I build a healthy habit of participating in sports and training.    That habit of building consistency and working toward a goal was something I really enjoyed and loved.   So here I am in 2015 planning for and building toward doing another 2.6 swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run or Ironman.   It’s a new challenge but definitely an old habit.   Waking up thinking about working out, training, recovery,  eating well,  sleeping.   All other things turn into a distraction.   Everything is simply on the path to Ironman #16.

So now that I am 3 months into training, things will turn gravely serious about training.   My workouts will begin to move outside into the cold weather.    They will turn into long evenings and long weekend days.   There won’t be much time for anything else except work.    Surprisingly,  the more you do outside of work the more productive you are at work.   Not sure if it’s the numbness,  the pinpoint focus or the fact that your happy to be doing something other than workingout for 9 hours.  The fun and exciting part is the transformation.  Now I start to see the small results turning into a big result from months of work.  My heart gets stronger.   My legs get stronger.   Next I should see my ability to stay “chunky” go away.  The weight comes off and then the battle is to maintain a balance of lose vs. muscle.

Welcome to Experience Of Racing.

This is a personal project based on my “experience of racing”.    As an old Ironman triathlete I have turned my passion for fitness (running, swimming, cycling, skiing, triathlon, rugby) into more of a conscious journey.  In my experience of racing I have changed my approach from elite/highly competitive to more fitness adventurer.  What I have learned in my experience of racing is that when we are in the very competitive moment either training or racing we tend not to really experience the event.   When we slow down a bit and not take ourselves so seriously we exercise what I call “Experiential Racing”.

Triathletes, specially the Ironman triathletes, tend to be very type “A”- driven and focused individuals.   It’s a necessity.   To manage your work, training and multiple sports you have to be focused on your end goal of finishing.   You are constantly looking at your watch, your data, and your schedule.   The modern day athlete is faced with a mountain of data and information, which consumes the time when you are actually not training.   Then you have the nutrition factor, eating properly, refueling, and managing weight for performance is another time constraint.  Racing at this level takes years to build base fitness and experience.   When you reach the epic experience of racing generally it’s just about the time your competitive career ends.

After my competitive career, I still needed to fill a void.   I realized that there are so many other things besides triathlon.   This is the problem, getting caught up in your bubble and never seeing or trying anything else.   I startedtrail running and skyrunning.   Soon I realized there are many other monumental events that are just as difficult as or more difficult than Ironman.  I also learned that along the way and during the race there is so much more that happens besides just doing a test/time trial.  I called it experiential racing (enjoying the vistas, nature, people, places and becoming more familiar with yourself).

This project is a never ending fun and fitness journey and a journey that includes my health and well being.


Experiential Racing:  

A term I might have made up or taken up on my own after hearing if from someone else.   In my terms it is a contest or event that brings awareness and consciousness  to an individual’s life through some sort of physical challenge.